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Posted by Pip

H6- Elder Gods

No offense to those readers that are the older demographic of course. Naturally, eternally young fairly immortal creatures would fear aging. And letís all face it, menopause is scary.

Check out the gallery for an absolutely kick-A picture from a trade with the mighty Razii.

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The latest Button Day is ready, but this one will be a bit different. Iím on my last button so this is going to be the last one and youíre going to have to do a bit more. The standard format is the same, but you have to decide how it all ends. You have up to two rows of panels (6 small panels, 2 big ones, 1 big and 3small, 4 medium; all your call) to write the action and dialogue for. Winner not only gets the final button, comic, but he/she gets the final panels drawn out. Response to Button Day has been, in all honesty, underwhelming at best. When less than 5.5repeatinge-4 % of the unique readers actually contribute, I guess itís not worth the time to put these out. Maybe Iíll start it again later, but hopefully Button Day shall end on a bang rather than a fizzle.

Firework related metaphor brought to you in honor of Labor Day. Which I think is a celebration of woman undergoing childbirth. But I have the meaning of the holiday wrong. Known to happen.