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Posted by Pip

F293- Old People Have It More Together

Jin strikes me as the type that would be proud of her age. She's a few hundred or thousand years old and she's cool with that. Hanging out with her fellow old ladies, drinking some mad tea, knitting boss pirate gear, and clipping coupons like a king.

I already normally draw pictures and comics about demons and monsters, so we need to get some straight up villains going to get ready for the October season! First up, Cashman from Illbleed! I loved Illbleed. It was a fantastic bad game. I would adore for somebody to rerelease it with cleaned up controls and level design. Everybody should have a chance to experience it. It's not something that's so much fun to play, but that's why you "experience" it. It was made by a team that clearly got horror and enjoyed subverting it, but then to get the final ending, they made you subvert their subversions. That game had layers! Sega and Crazy Games had things going on back then and I miss it.

Messing around with the Dragon Quest Builders demo and getting my thoughts down on paper/digital video paper. Some takes from a person that has no interest in Minecraft but whose first RPG was Dragon Warrior.