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Posted by Pip

F295- Hate Will Keep Us Together

Don't shoot the messenger, Gluttony is just being honest. The Sins aren't so hot when it comes to their record on togetherness and peace. Peace is bad for business and gets in the way of looting and shenanigans.

Let's continue our villainous pictures for October with Specter from Ape Escape! I have talked frequently about my love for Ape Escape (man, do the controls and camera not hold up over time!) and Specter is a great villain. He was even the best part of that dumb Playstation Move Ape Escape game. Rock on, Specter, a monkey smart enough to master time travel, super powers, and hypnosis!

I worked with Taralynn on a commission comic featuring her characters from the story Magical Girl Policy! I will be deeply saddened if Pudding Pink or Princess Wasabi don't make it big. Here's page 1:

Tara will be posting more on her site, where you can just so happen to read the story too:

Check out the Sins Patreon for a larger file and work in process images: