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297- All Of Your Parents Are Out Of Town

Party and freedom by decree! If there's any way to shake off the gloom of librarians and forced literacy, it's an elaborate party thrown by people that don't really know what they're doing. When your party has a diagram, you know something serious is about to go down.

This week's villain is Ludo from Star vs the Forces of Evil! I really like what that show is doing for its second season. Powering down Star a bit was exactly what they needed to do. Season 1 got a bit iffy on how they were able to resolve every issue by having Star cast a spell and Ludo was a bit too much of a useless villain just there for comic relief. Now in season 2, Star has to put some work in and they've really torn down Ludo and are in the process of building him back up into something that can be a threat. And he's a tiny villain in an awesome hat, so that's always a plus. Star vs the Forces of Evil is a good show. It took a few episodes for me to warm up to it, but once it got its hooks in, I really appreciate it and its writing. It's just a shame that Disney is the wooorst when it comes to posting episodes online so I don't get to see most of the show.

I worked with Taralynn on a commission comic featuring her characters from the story Magical Girl Policy! Only the best friendships can endure druggings. Here's page 2:

Tara will be posting more on her site, where you can just so happen to read the story too:

Check out the Sins Patreon for a larger file and work in process images: