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Posted by Pip

F299- You Know It When You See It

The Sins have been secretly destroying your innocence with their flagrant nekkid-ness all this time! Not sure what new-Sloth counts as, though. One the one hand, the armor is naked, but Sloth is actually a spirit wearing the armor, so maybe it's clothed?

We started our villain pictures with a Crazy Games character, so let's end it with one too. I know Blue Stinger is a bad game, but it's a bad game I really like. It's a lousy defense, but once you beat the game once and unlock the extras, it becomes a lot of fun! It's got dinosaurs, super science, glowing space ladies, sinister Christmas music, and possibly the best named soft drink ever, Hassy!

I worked with Taralynn on a commission comic featuring her characters from the story Magical Girl Policy! Around Halloween time, you want a magical girl super hero ninja girl's costuming skills. Here's page 3:

Tara will be posting more on her site, where you can just so happen to read the story too:

Check out the Sins Patreon for a larger file and work in process images: