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Posted by Pip

F301- Flail Harder Boy

Jin knows that living the life of a deity is a hard road. She saw what it did to her mom and adoptive family and then to herself, and Jin started with the benefit of being as awesome as she is. This kid would be eaten alive. I mean, probably literally. Humans are filled with all kinds of tasty things that monsters like.

We were supposed to have a Halloween commission ready for the site, but the artist I was working with totally flaked on us and hasn't actually delivered the picture. Hopefully we'll get it soon, but in the mean time, Halloween sounds like a fine time to harass the Librarian with silly costumes! Being subject to the whims of humanity means it's sassy costume time year 'round on her island.

There's still a little bit of Halloween/Canadian Thanksgiving magic left in the month, but here's what went up on Sins in October!