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Posted by Pip

F302- Living The God Life

Jin has a bit of depth and there's more to her than she lets on. Sometimes you have to play the fool to make others feel better, so she's doing a pretty bang up secret job as the leader. Wait, unless she's preemptively covering her bases for when she does screw up and she can hand wave it away... In that case, she's a genius and definitely deserves the leader role!

Our commission was supposed to go up for Halloween but it came in late, so it's not for Halloween, it's in honor of... Statehood Day for North AND South Dakota! No, hmmm. Steve Ditko's birthday? The birth of the CBC! The birth of cheerleading? That seems like a rather suspect thing to give a definitive birthday to. But our costumed picture this year sees Lust and Pip doing another costume swap after last year's. Big thanks to all our Patreon members whose generosity and support for the site helped make this bonus art possible!
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