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Posted by Pip

F303- Dance Pridey Party

Jin may be speaking a bit too early. You don't offer the peace and prosperity to the common folk until you've ground Love into dust. When the shadowy figures come out, the party may get crashed.

We have a special bonus art update for our Patreon members with the first draft and sketches of the original Mercynaries pitch! The first super sketchy look at how Mercy and Ruth came to be had some changes to the story and the introduction of their goddesses. Join the Sins Patreon to get the comics:

Hello, Slapeggs! I normally don't talk about the goings on of my own life, but I had some Pip news to share today. So, the job that was making me work late nights and crunch, I no longer work there. That's good! The reason I'm not there is because the company shut the studio down and laid everybody off. That's bad! But I have a new job now, so that's good! We'll see how the schedule goes and how that will affect the site. If things go well, we'll be able to go back to four updates a week. If the schedule is the same, we'll keep on with the three updates a week. Thanks!