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Posted by Pip

F313- The Test Of Time

Time's not messing around waiting for the Sins. Time will go out, be spooky, and pick fights from on top of cliffs!
Time's island seems like should have a really synthy 80's electronica soundtrack to me. There's something about the mixing of the flow of time, neon accents, and glowing swamps that calls for an 80s cyberpunk synth.

Shilling for friend of the site, Lachlan! You may remember him from when he and other friend of the site, DK, put the Mercynaries in Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme and ensured their places as official Cool People. Lach later worked on another game, Max's Big Bust, and now he has another game in the works, Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace! It's pretty different from the earlier VN games, so check out the Kickstarter for its RPG fightin', sports balls playin' magical girls and their shameful anti-tentacle bias. Hopefully the plot involves breaking down those walls and learning to accept others and their slithering prehensile appendages.