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Posted by Pip

F316- Telling Time Tells

You have a bit of practice learning your opponents when you've had the same fight with them over and over. Practice is really just fancy cheating.
It always bugs me in movies or whatnot when a character can read their opponent's mind or see the future or whatever and that suddenly means they can dodge everything. Knowing what somebody will do doesn't automatically mean you're skilled enough to dodge or counter it. So I wanted to make Time's fighting style more about being in the right place at the right time rather than just ducking or blocking hits. Time's fighting style is more about now where not to be and when to move or weave than a grand mastery of counters.

A bit of follow-up to our last bonus art. If Mercy is going to torment her best friend, she's going to do it in style and have some fun. And Roland IS still adorable.