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Posted by Pip

H9- ...Stomach

Itís only fair that if there is going to be a page on Lustís body we should have one on Greedís too. Have to be equal. But is the poor guy shocked because he thought that was normal or because Murdoch told? Yeah, this is definitely the most sex related batch of Sins comics and thereís still more to come!

Those of you that have asked me how itís going lately have no doubt heard me mention an extra project Iíve been working on. Itís finally time to get it posted! After months of the Heart Attack Grill being the unofficial restaurant of the Sins, itís now the semi-official restaurant of the Sins! Iíve been working with Dr. Jon and Iím going to be drawing a series of comics for their site. The eye candy levels are going to be higher than around Sins, so the young and faint of heart may want to be careful, but itís all in good fun!

And yes, a new page of DToM is even up! Itís a comic bonanza! Just with less Nevada ranch hands. Thanks to everyone that donated!