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Posted by Pip

H10- Road Is Paved With Gum Drops

For all their griping that hosts never take the hard route, the Sins sure are quick to ditch real work themselves. Not that it will in anyway come around to bite them in the behind. No, no.

There havenít been any exciting holidays worth note lately. I, er, was bugged by some Baptists today. I donít know if they were missionaries or just old guys handing out cards (at least they get points over those snubbing Mormons and Witnesses). Iíd feel a tad bit guilty lying to them, but the guy gave me the third degree about what church I go to, so I made stuff up and was vague enough that he couldnít call me on it. Just not one of those times you want to get into a discussion on why you donít want to go to their church. And I was writing and playing Worms. Canít badger a person during that!