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Posted by Pip

F343- Commentary On Network Programming

Or they're just Luddites. Lusttites... Lusddites... There's a joke somewhere in the broad vicinity of that wordplay.

Today's page marks the site's 1800th update!
Some other notable 1800s I certainly didn't hastily search online:
A bunch of car models
A Nokia phone, that looks really familiar so I think I may have owned one
The birthday of the voltaic pile, seems important seeing as we're now on Progress's island
The end of the Quasi-War between the United States and France, didn't learn about that one in school
Toll-free calling?
Millard Fillmore is born the same day that John Adams becomes the first president to move into what would become the White House, spooooky

So you can clearly see that this is an important number.

I hope everybody has a festive Lupercalia!