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Posted by Pip

F349- Better Than Library Books

It's hard to have a better wingman than an entire island. If that doesn't impress a date/provide you a place to stash weapons, you're probably hopeless.

So getting those dancing sprites for this month's commission inspired me to put dancing to its truest form: bad video games. And that's what we have!

Be forewarned, it's like stupidly hard. But if you stick with it and prove your worth, there's a bonus. A bonus that's totally not worth playing this aggravating awful game. I had fun making it though!

Just use the Left, Down, and Right keys when the corresponding arrows are over the spots.

Have fun!

To help that go down, it's fun story time! So at my day job, I work for a game company and we're making a Power Rangers fighting game. It's neat and fun and when it comes out, you should all play it so I continue being employed. But the fun part is at GDC this week, our game was featured in the Unity keynote and we got to do a big reveal and everybody in the audience got free tickets to the movie and it was awesome. It's the biggest thing I've been a part of in my career and it was a really cool moment. That made me super happy. To make it even more keen, we had Ludi Lin (the Black Ranger from the movie) and Jason David Frank (the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!) on stage and Jason visited our studio the night before and took pictures with the team. He's a super nice dude! And now I have a picture of me looking like a total dork with my arm around Tommy.