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H12- We're One!

Haha! Have to wait another day! But at least we now know it’s somebody Lust recognizes and probably won’t be too keen on seeing or having been seen by. YesYes.

I hope everybody had an exciting Mexican Independence Day on Saturday! Now that’s finally a noteworthy holiday.

A new page of Off The Grill is up. And yes, the stuff being referenced is a type of beer. I had to look it up…

But the most important thing of all…
It’s Sins Venial’s one-year anniversary! I’m trusting our Wiki writers on this date-wise, but it’s worth noting even if we are off by a day or two! I want to thank the extraordinary work of Dave, our webmaster, and Ackin, our translator, for helping get the place running. Special mention to all the donators and commissioners for aiding in the green way and keeping the site online. Thanks to all the slapeggs on the forums for making the joint entertaining, sexy, and occasionally mind numbingly odd. And of course… all you readers! You’ve doubled in number since we opened up shop and hopefully you’ll continue to grow even more. Soon we’ll be raking in money and crushing our opposition! Yeah.
Many thanks and hopefully you, and the Sins, will stay around until our next anniversary. Hopefully we’ll be big enough to offer fabulous prizes or at least cake then.

Zeno from Charby:

Iria from Jinxed:

Amelius and ‘Nando from Unlife is Unfair:

Trevor and Woof from Torio:

You may notice that Pride is absent… The comic I emailed to ask if I could use their character never emailed me back. Nuts to them…