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Posted by Pip

F356- Leaving Sloth Shaped Craters

Turnabout is fair play. You punch/sword a man through a wall then he is allowed to three-armed robot punch you through one too. The Sins are just lucky they're on the ground floor or this would have gone all out cartoon.

This week on Mercs, you can't keep a good Ruth down.
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And to go along with the new Mercs page, we received a masterwork of the American poetry form from friend of the site, Thom Revor. A-hem...

Sung to the theme of "Rawhide" in A. Blues country key.

He's Roland, Roland, Roland,
Though his breasts are swollen
Keep them puppies growin', don't hide...

Though Sam's out to change you
through a survey purview
For Mercy's sake you do abide

Certain things keep changin'
Your gender rearrangin'
You're certain that Sam's not on your side...

Chest sticks out, waist gets thin
Hair grows long, tan that skin
Hips get wide, head does spin

Keep head straight, yang to yin
Hold on tight, gotta win!
For Mercy's sake, force that grin!

Thank you kindly, good Thom!