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Posted by Pip

F364- Orange You Glad

Ewwww. The inside of Builder is like one of those Cadbury Creme Eggs. If that's not a sign that he was evil and rotten to the core, I don't know what is.

As I mentioned last week, starting this month, Mercynaries is not going to be posted on TWC any more. A bit of reasoning:
- It was posted for free in hopes that it would lead to people supporting the site or sending in comments and helping build the community. It hasn't done that and it barely gets any comments outside of a few people (huge thanks to those of you that did comment!).
- It's started to go down in the TWC rankings, so fewer people are voting for it, which means it doesn't bring many new viewers to the site.
- Ever since the new people bought TWC, their site is lousy to deal with. Same goes for whatever changes happened to the image hosting site I was using.

So now that Mercs isn't on TWC, how can you get it?
- The Patreon! No changes for our members. Mercs will still be posted in full monthly on the same schedule.
- Paypal! Sending in at least a buck US still gets you the month's pages.
- Issues! When there are enough pages to make a full comic issue, they'll still be posted, typically for less than $2.
- Contributions/Trades! If you can't financially support the site, send me an email and I'll happily work out a trade with you for fan art, fan writing, etc.

At the start of each mission/story arc, I'll post a preview on the site or Patreon page for everybody so you know what you're getting.

I'm sure this won't sit well with some of you, sorry, but if after 218 free updates you're still not willing to support the comic, I think I have to be willing to put the site's (and my) well-being first. The site doesn't have any ads, so people that don't join in the community are pretty invisible and don't help keep the lights on, a roof over my head, or supply fictional buckets of fictional chow for the fictional Gluttonies. For those of you that do contribute financially, thank you! You're keeping the site up and running and keeping me going! For those you that do contribute artistically/commentarilly (I'm being told that's not a real word but I'm going to use it anyway), thank you! You're keeping me going too! If you can't contribute, I'm still a softy so reach out to me and if I recognize you, I'll probably still be willing to send you some comics from time to time.

And just in case you managed to miss the link week after week, join the Sins Patreon at: