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Posted by Pip

F365- Greed Has Seen Things

Don't give into peer pressure and eat the corrupted essences of your enemies. Real friends don't make you do that.
Real friends will cover your body from giant laser beams, even if their tentacles get singed in the process. That's just cute!

There's now a Fugue update for every day of the year! Except for those jerk Leap Years...

We end the week with a little Mercynaries What If art. Patreon member Joshua asked what would happen if Sam stumbled upon our poor, kind boyfriend that took his girlfriend's place as a costumed character and wound up stuck (issue 6). Sam at least seems a bit more engaged than the Mercs? Although, she didn't say how much of a fraction. 99 out of 100 is still a fraction.

Picture behind a URL for PG curvaceousness. Just in case you're reading comics instead of working at the office.
(Good on you! Fight The Man!)