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Posted by Pip

F370- Or The Saviors Of Stupidity

So your new gods aren't all they're cracked up to be and maybe they aren't as impressive as your old one. You still have to give them a try, maybe build a blasphemous shrine or two, and then everything will work itself out. At least they're spreading the good word of technology to other islands. That has to count for something, right?

Last week, we started up another Choose Your Own Pipventure on the Patreon! To start things off, we're freeing Pip from the shackles of inhuman bonds and friendship!

Our Patreon members got to suggest who would be burdened... enjoy the company of Pip, so in the coming days, I'll be posting the responses. First up, Pride freed him, so it's only right that she gets him first. And the lady with a tenuous grasp on spontaneous combustion probably shouldn't be the master of the studio kitchen. Thanks to member M^3 for today's suggestion and there are more to come!