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Posted by Pip

F388- Just Let Yourself Go

I think I love this page. This whole series was worth it just to get to this image.

So now is probably a good time to mention some needlessly vague hints from the comic that not all of the Rulers would turn against the Sins. Color was a big part of building up the reveal of Rhett's mom in Venials, so I wanted to do that again here for my own fun. The Sins's colors are green and purple while the Rulers's were blue and gold, but I snuck some traitorous colors into the rogue Rulers. Poison has her green hair, there's some purple in Love's shirt hidden under his coat, and when we first saw Poison's hut she had purple curtains and there was a purple potion pointing at a green potion with blue flecks in it. Even the Librarian's earrings are purple to hint that things would turn out differently for her. Contrast that with Builder who had, at best, blue-ish green work clothes but was decked out in lots of blues and even glowing blue for his bands and Sleep who wore blue and gold under his robes. Time wore a gray-blue cloak, but was neutral gray underneath.

We've all somehow braved another month and the Sins are right there with you! We've bypassed those three days where the weather was kind of nice but now it's crazy hot, birds are sitting outside our windows waking us up an hour before the alarm goes off, children are closer to the freedom of summer, and adults are cursing the children that are closer to the freedom of summer. Just in case you missed any of the stories, bonus art, and comics that make the fight through life worth it, here's what the Sins and Mercs were up to in May.