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Posted by Pip

F406- Doomed To Repeat The Whatsis

This is what happens when you don't pay attention in history class! You cause godly beings to face their mortality and pressure other godly beings into madness! Just do your homework already.

The Castlevania TV show was pretty cool. It's only four short episodes long, so it's totally not worth signing up for Netflix to watch it until the second season with the remaining episodes comes out. The first episode that focuses on Dracula is fantastic but it seems like they blew their budget on it because the next two episodes are pretty slow and repeat the same information over and over. When the show focuses on the monsters, it's great, but its Jack Sparrow version of Trevor is really unlikable so it falls apart when he takes center stage. The final episode picks up again, but again repeats information you've heard multiple times and has the lowest stakes action scene through a crumbling building that has no tension and kind of just keeps going for far too long. The music was a real let down because they didn't use any of the game music and it could have used that extra atmosphere. It's pretty much just Castlevania 3: The Show, but while I was hoping for something more original, I did enjoy it and am looking forward to the rest.