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Posted by Pip

F410- Go With What You Know

Just as the Virtues were bound their marks, the master is unable to destroy his own creations directly. Or that's just one heck of a convenient excuse for getting others to do your dirty work for you.
Canonically, he has no name, but unofficially, his name in all my notes is "Creation". He can only make and not destroy, so that's why he's so stuck without somebody to start things anew. Once the world gets rolling, it doesn't really need somebody to create worlds and being out of a job is dangerous for a Force.

We also get to end the week with some fan art! And as a rare treat, it's fan art based on one of the Mercynaries illustrated stories, rather than the comic! Ross sent us a fan edit of the "princess" from Prince of My Dreams with the explanation "Naturally I thought if the nice princesses have giant poofy dresses, the bad ones would have tight fitting ones that show maximum leg".
If only good princesses and evil princesses could work together and agree on the virtues of big poofy dresses AND showing off maximum leg. That's world harmony right there.
Thanks, Ross!

If you missed the story the first time around, you can read it in the gallery at: