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Posted by Pip

H18- Lurid Thoughts

Maybe itís just me, but whenever I read the passage of time, I always hear it in the announcer from Super Friendís voice. Meanwhile! Just then! Two to three weeks later!
Yep, completely a gag comic. Good to know itís just as easy to fry a semi-immortal demonís mind with a small suggestion as it is for any teenage human male.
And I honestly tried to find out the legitimate answer to what Greed says. I braved Google and scariness to try to find the truth. However! All I got back were links I was completely unwilling to open, people writing in with medical problems or other strange situations, or scientific reports on diseases. All in all I felt rather squeamish and abandoned my search.

New Month New Wallpaper! Free with donations, financial or creative, to Sins. Itís October so naturally itís a costumed picture. Seriously, there are laws about this kind of thing. They come to your home and beat if you donít follow protocol!

My favorite search string leading to the site was another tricky one this month. Lots of funny misspellings like pipites instead of Iím assuming pipettes, but it makes it sound like a biblical people that worship Pip. Which should have existed! But I think the winner should go to ďis greed envys little brother?Ē. I imagine the question is aimed at some other series, but it makes sense for Sins too. Theyíre always finger snapping and buddying with each other and they share similar ears. So itís a reasonable question!
The answer is ďnoĒ.