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Posted by Pip

F413- Smuksh

Sloth doesn't mess around! It's cracking open faces and saving the day. The Universe is most definitely at peace! Just ignore what Sloth, our new savior, has to say about that.

Lust has been getting bored not being the star of the show, and a bored Lust is a danger to all. A few years ago, we did a drawing event where Lust got to create functional and oh-so fashionable dresses for the studio and it's time for that once more! Does Fortune-Pride need a a big poofy airbag dress to prevent her from hurting herself and others? Does Greed need a fancy dress that can serve to aide in shoplifting? Patreon members can leave their suggestions for dress designs/functions on the Patreon page and I'll draw some of the fun ones for members of the comic to "willingly" model.
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