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Posted by Pip

F415- Never UnderMEHstimate It

Sloth being the hero it was born to be AND Jin actually using a sword well! The Creator brings out the best in people! The people he's not trying to wipe out of existence, but it works well for the survivors.

We have the first batch of pictures in from the community art request thread for a new line of LustCorp dresses. If you want to join in, become a member of the Sins Patreon at:

Coredumperror asked for a mermaid style dress. "I especially like the kind that don't start to flair out until below the knees, and that feature a lot of pink."
Who better to give that to than the Sin that handles water the worst! I'm sure a little practice and she'll be a natural mermaid.

Running Toaster wanted to see "Jin wearing a sailor moon style outfit, while being all embarrassed about it".
She is not the type for frilly madness!

And in non-dress news, a reader submitted a fan dub of an Pokemon joke comic I drew like a million years ago. Or six years ago. A million or six years ago. Give it a watch and thanks to Patrick.