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Posted by Pip

F417- Down Boy

The Tower wants none of your fighty business. Just let it be and bask in its iridescent walls.
I was torn between having the Tower's minions be things that came out of the walls or full-on golem style creatures. I had originally written them as golems to call back to Sins Venials, but since Creator's powers let him basically make his own golems, it seemed like it was doubling up and I changed it.

It's time for another dress line from the community art request thread for a new line of LustCorp dresses. If you want to join in, become a member of the Sins Patreon at:

Marilith called upon the fashion world for Sloth. "The bottom would obviously be a rocket booster, shoulder poofs could house winches to retract fired rocket punches and I'm sure you could put some Robo-Ruth-style upgrade on the front of the torso. Some kind of wig or headwear attached to the back could keep rain out of the chest cavity and still look awesome when it manifests its skull!"