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Posted by Pip

H19- Happenstance And Happy Stances

Taa-daa! Told you he’d be back and was still important. Good thing he’s young and alive too. Being young and dead or alive and close to the grave again wouldn’t be much of a help. Now that his hair has grown out a bit, he no longer a Pride-ish ‘do.
I’m glad this wasn’t one of the discussed ideas on the forums (makes me feel like I can surprise you). Lots of good ideas and extremely literal interpretations of the “rules” of Lux’s bet, but sometimes doing things the simple way is just less of a hassle. Lots of you took the “two to three weeks” time frame to mean Lust was drawing out the contest or trying to get somewhere, but nobody pointed out it was the same timeframe Murdoch gave for Perrin as well. Lux doesn’t know Murdoch and was cocky enough to think that she could shame Lust into losing her morals for the job.

Congrats go to one, VortX for his entry as the final Button Day. Bad puns and tying it back to the forums are good ways to get to my heart. Kudos to you, sir.