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Posted by Pip

F423- Neckwear And Tear

Best buds all around! Envy's looking out for Greed. The scarf is looking out for Greed. And the scarf is look out for Envy! This team deserves so many hugs.
Although, Envy is one of the Sins I'd worry about if he could siphon off enough of Creation's energy. Who knows what kind of twisted world a scarf could create when mixed with Envy's thoughts and whims...

Our bonus art for the week is another Mercynaries What If, this time taking a look at what would happen to the hero from the story "Travel Abroad" if he wasn't freed by the Mercs. A few seasons as a godly fertility idol will put a bit of strain on your life. And back. And wardrobe.
This one was a bit more cartoonishly booberific than the usual pictures, so click through to see if it, if that doesn't bother you. The original story is in the Mercs gallery too if you missed it the first time around!