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F427- Hex Vex

Hey, man, don't blame your stuff on humanity, we have enough of our own messes to tend to. Sure, juuust because humans are big enough screw-ups that we can create cosmic entities out of our issues and said entities tend to inherit some bad traits, that, ummm... Hmmm, tough defense here. Humans are kind of the ultimate negligent parents on a divine scale.
The Sins are wearing him down! He's out a vest now and he's plus a stab wound to the chest and several bite marks to the noggin'!

Summer is nearing to a close, school is approaching, time has lost all meaning, and life is drifting aimlessly on the seas of a year in its final third. Or just August is over so it's time to check back in with a wrap-up of everything that went on this site for the month. Fancy dresses proved to be more fun than existential dread.