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Posted by Pip

F432- I Think This Guy Might Be Bad

Whoa, whoa, whoa there! Crushing Jin's head into a wall is one thing, but smacking Gluttony?! That is the lowly behavior of a cad.
Also, you probably don't want to do that. Our girl gets... tentacle-y when angry.

Couldn't sleep again, so I went to a happy drawing place with some Sonic Mania inspired arts. Envy finally found somebody to appreciate his Sonic-ness, unlike those grumpy Greeds and Angers.
Sonic Mania looks fantastic and I am absolutely bummed out that I have no desire to play it. I was a huge Sonic fan as a kid and played the heck out of 2, 3, and &K but I went to replay them a few years ago and just couldn't get into it. I don't know if I've just been burned by post 3&K Sonics that I'm soured on it or if the child-like enthusiasm that Sonic thrives in has been drained out of me. Everything that would break my flow or any time I'd get hit would just make me grumpier and make me want to stop playing. Still some of the greatest soundtracks ever though. Kind of bonkers that Sega doesn't just sell the 2, 3, and &K soundtracks. They sell a Sonic Runners soundtrack but not a Sonic 3 one? Ugh.
Anyway, Sonic Mania still looks great and I've watched that intro video many many times now. Back when Sonic CD came out and I saw that intro video, I was floored. I just KNEW that when I got older, regular gameplay would look as beautiful and animated as that intro. All these years later and we're still not even close. Sorry, young Pip. If you're at all interested, go buy Sonic Mania! I adore that it exists and I want Sega to go back to their old selves and get some wins!