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Posted by Pip

F434- Hadou Oh No

Man, how cool would it be to have the ability to create tentacle fireball fighting game attacks? Beats the heck out of being able to summon chi fire or whatnot. Just as long as your opponent doesn't have the ability to manipulate the world and pull some geomancer shields out of the ground. It's all about the match-ups is what I'm trying to say. Creation is the clear counter-pick to Gluttony.

Exciting news for the Sins Fun Club Patreon. TWO changes: more Mercs and a new tier!

Starting next week, Mercynaries is going to update twice a week! Instead of just getting a page per week posted at the start of the month, you get two pages probably posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays! The Sins may rule the Monday-Wednesday-Friday racket, but the Mercs have a lock on days that start with "T". That's like eight pages a month now for still just a buck subscription! Depending on how the weeks fall in a month. And how many days there are in the month. Look, I don't control calendars, but I am aiming to give you more comics.

In addition to our $1 per month tier, we're introducing a new tier for the people that are supporting us with more than that (and hopefully get a few more people to sign up for it too, wink wink nudge nudge). We're adding a $4 per month tier that will offer some bonuses while still being pretty darn economical. And we're not taking anything away from the $1 per month tier. Everybody currently pledging a buck subscription still gets all the same fun stuff (and now like twice as many Mercs comics too).

If you support the site at the $1 tier, you get:
All the existing content on the Patreon: Patreon tells me that's over 230 paid posts and over 400 free ones so far, not too shabby
Mercynaries comics: Stressing this twice a week thing again
Access to all the bonus art and stories: They usually come at higher resolutions than what's posted here too

If you join up for the $4 tier, you get:
All that $1 tier content: The bonus arts, the Mercs comics, the satisfaction of supporting the site and you can tell people you want to impress that you're a patron of the arts
Access to the monthly request thread for bonus art: A chance to request pictures or make suggestions for the bonus art that gets posted to the site. It's like a bonus mini-commission if it gets picked!
Voting on themes for Mercs illustrated stories: Do more clients need to get morphed in space or on pirate worlds? You get to vote to help determine that!
Once the new comic series starts later this year, members of this tier will get some advanced access, so I can talk about that when the time is ready. Stay tuned!

If you have other (reasonable!) suggestions of what to add to the $4, please send them in! I'm up for making it (reasonably!) bigger and better as thanks for your support and general awesomeness.

If you're already supporting the site at the $4 per month amount (THANK YOU!), you may have to manually change your pledge from the $1 tier to the $4 tier.

Head over to the Patreon site to change your pledge or sign up for the first time!