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Posted by Pip

F435- Tentacle Snakes Are Hard To Control

Hey, c'mon! Jin explicitly asked that she no longer be struck in the face and then you show up and triple punch her in the back of the head? That really seems like it's going against what she was looking for.

This week represents Sins's 12th anniversary! Just one more year until the Sins studio devolves into grumpy teens with bad attitudes and confusing, changing bodies who... wait, that actually sounds like all of them to begin with. At least they'll finally be able to rent all those T-rated game now.
The 12th year is the Silk anniversary and what better material to equip yourself with than silk? Everybody knows that female armor is so skimpy because the ladies are so mighty that they don't need all that bulky steel gear dudes have to rely on. It's most obviously a compliment, Lust and Dealer!

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