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Posted by Pip

F440- Friendship Is Murderagical

Bet you wish you were nicer to the Rulers now, Creator. Jin knows what friendship gets you: The ability to wish for a beating and to have have that beating manifest itself before you. Go get him, Greed! Oh, and your giant Envy sidekicks.

It's almost Halloween month! Yeah, baby! Let's kick this imposter, not-Halloween September out of here and cleanse our palates by checking out what the Sins and Mercs were up to.

We also get to close out the month with another fan edit by Ross. This time, he presents us with the Barbarian Librarian! Not only is that fun to look at, but it's super fun to say. It rhymes and everything. The Sins wouldn't have messed up her island if she was decked out with big slashy weapons. That's sadly led to the loss of so many books over the years. Arm your librarians today and send some thanks to Ross!