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Posted by Pip

H21- Miss Buzz Kill Weed Whacker

It would be hard to find anybody that honestly didnít feel Fortune was an improvement over her predecessor. And did Original Anger ever morph into a many foot tall evil beast. I donít think so. Well, it could have; we just never saw it.

A reminder to our older readers and an announcement for our newer ones, internet writer, Thom, has offered to do a guest script for Sins but we just need some people to turn it into comics. If you want to help out by drawing a page send me a PM, IM, or email, please. Thereís everything from a single panel to medium length to lengthier still pages available. Thank you!

Check out the gallery for some new art by the industrious Luprand and a picture from new artist, Kranna. Thanks to both of you!

And finally! Thereís a new bonus/incentive to donate comic to replace Dark Turn of Mind available. Click on the DDG tab to the left to viewify it.