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Posted by Pip

Hiatus Delay Things

Hi folks, I'm not going to have reliable Internet for the coming week (around Oct 20-Oct 28, depending on when you're reading this) so I won't be able to post Sins at its regularly scheduled time. Barring anything going wrong, things should be back to their normal updating schedule on Oct 30. I'll try to check in when I can.

While you're waiting, Mercynaries Issue 7 is now available! It collects pages 192 to 254 and everything from possessed monks to dryads to Reapers! You can get it at:

And in FURTHER Mercynaries goodness, since the Sins will be quiet this week, the Patreon page is going to update each day with a new Mercs story free for everybody. Tune back in every day starting Monday for a new page!
Patreon lets me schedule updates but I can't do that on the Sins page, so you're getting a bunch of comics in return. Sounds like a sweet deal for you.