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F451- Oh There It Is

At least, uh, Mom-Pride called Lib pretty? That's a nice compliment, right? It outweighs threats of face grindings?
Meeting her mom makes it a bit more obvious where Jin got her violent streak from. You thought it was pirating, but it's the secret burning power of a Mom-Pride scorned or threatened.

It's time for a new Mercynaries story! Our Patreon members voted on a theme for the next story and "Vacation" was the winner, so we have a tale of sun, sand, and suspiciously friendly islanders. This one doesn't have illustrations since I was working on it for the hiatus downtime, but to make up for it, it's a bit longer than the others and features drama, action, and even has some ties to some grander things goings ons in the Mercs world.
To stay tuned for the poll for the next story, keep a watch on the Sins Patreon page.

And speaking of more Mercynaries!
Back to our regularly scheduled Mercynaries stories and some catastrophe! Earthquakes in science labs never caused anybody any harm, right?
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