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Posted by Pip

F455- File Your Expense Reports

Shocking surprises! All right, not really all that shocking. Even with all the power of a Sin, there's still one person Envy would call Boss and be happy about it. The Dealer just wouldn't be The Dealer if she didn't have her eyes on some bigger picture. She gets a godly companion AND a world that oh so desperately needs to be introduced to demonic salesmanship at low, low prices.

It's time for more bonus art from the supporting members of the Sins Patreon! To make your own requests, join up at the $4 pledge level at:

This month, Eliseo asks for "What if Sam helped Travis from "Whistleblower"?".

We saw Travis get a bad end without the Mercs in a previous What If, so a What If with Sam seems like a... slightly less bad end? At least he's the business world's cutest CEO, right?