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Posted by Pip

F457- A Thousand May Be Worlds

That seems like a happier ending than the Sins have had in the past! Maybe a more dangerous one though... Not too sure I trust the team with the power of ANYTHING.

And that wraps up the Sins Fugue storyline! Altogether, Sins has racked up over a decade of comics and over 2000 pages! That's quite a bit. But the series isn't over yet. Those of you that played the games know that there's still the Manitou series to tell and we can now reveal that Manitou follows after Fugue and takes place in the same world. So how the world goes from Fugue to Manitou needs to be revealed and there are plenty of side stories still to tell. Just what do the Fates have in store for Creation's husk? How is the Librarian going to treat her new role? Just what does the Dealer have planned for the new world? And how many nubile demonesses can Sloth gather to provide worship and fluffed pillows in the new human-demon world diplomacy?

But there's going to be a bit of a break before the next storyline. I really want to make a push for trying to get the site to support itself and give a shot at doing the comic work part-time to support me, so I'm going to lean in more on the Patreon page and paid-for projects that keep this business up and running. Mercynaries is going to keep updating twice a week and starting next week, a new series called "Transported" is going to start up! Transported is going to have an extended free preview, so go bookmark the Patreon page and tune in Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for a new sci-fi tale.

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Even if you can't financially support the site, make sure you still visit the Patreon for the usual freebies like bonus arts, stories, and community events (a new one should be starting by the end of this month). It's going to be weird for me to not be posting a Sins comic for a bit, so I hope you join us on the new projects and continue being the awesome fans that have kept this project going all these years!

If you still want to hold on to Fugue, the digital version of Sins Fugue Volume 3 is now available on Lulu, collecting up to the end of the story. The print version will be available soon-ish too!

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