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Posted by Pip

S2- Sword And A Shiny Place

Uprisings amongst Slapeggs on Lustís hair! Iím not a big fan of the blonde on her but itís there for a conceptual reason and she likes to change things around. Spending eternity as a brunette might get a tad boring after the first few epochs or so.

And our new host has a name on only the second page of his story! A new record?

FinallyÖ Itís just about Halloween! Hoorah for sugars and chemicals and tasty tasty artificial flavors. Which for me pretty much means Iíll buy a bag of candy, not get any Trick-Or-Treaters again and eat it all myself. Yay, tradition!
I wanted to do Damonís pose because his laser eyes kick ludicrous amounts of kickable material but I couldnít find any references. Ah well, he makes a good Edgeworth. But if you give out apples on Halloween, children haaate you.