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Posted by Pip

A20- Bathroom On The Right

No, they aren’t talking about doing anything bad with farm animals! It’s a reference to the end of the previous series. The very last panel as a matter of fact.
We’re also starting to get into how I feel kids think and act. Or don’t for that matter. Go ahead, ask a little kid to explain why it did something. You’ll fry its brain.
The “site moved” picture went up on ComicGenesis today, so I guess this counts as the first update on the new site! Hurrah! As you can obviously tell, the site design is in its early stages, so expect content to be put up at any time. That’s the problem with getting talented people to do work for you; they’re busy! Mega-thanks go out to my good friend, Dave, for doing all of this for me.
I got a good deal on the hosting service, so a little support for the comic will go a long way. Ad sales, donations, or commissions will all keep Sins running smoothly and providing entertainment and a few moments of sunshine for readers each week. Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy the series!