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Posted by Pip

S3- Nr, Non, Nein,

We ALL get Lustís butt! Isnít that reward enough for hard work done?
I like Gluttonyís funky hairdo. Iím kind of curious as to how that meshes with real world physics.

Sins is having another contest! As we approach another comic milestone, itís time for some audience interaction again (tell friends and family, drag them in kicking and screaming). Your mission is to create a Vice for any of the Sins and to create the character's looks and backstory. I can work with you to make the character canonical so don't worry about that for now.

What you have to submit is:
Your character's Vice name
Your Vice's abilities
What Sin it mainly serves under (it doesn't have to rigidly fall under one Sin, but be sure to include the Sin it either voluntarily or involuntarily camps with)
A backstory (how did it become a Vice, was it a human turned Vice like Grandeur or was it always a demon, etc, etc)
And extra points will be awarded for those of you that draw your Vice

Some rules:
Do NOT send me a character you've already established in another story/comic or that is your pride and joy. The characters you submit, winners or not, become property of Sins and you're giving me the right to do with them as I see fit by entering. If you're sending a character to get a cameo, it may be changed to meet my requirements, it may be killed off, beaten, morphed, subjected to Bananaphone, or any other number of things.

The winner gets his/her Vice to become a canonical part of the Sins universe mainly, and I'd be happy to work out something like a free commission or something out of the Cafepress store within reason. If people want to make some donations, I'd most definitely be willing to spring for a larger prize.

AIM, PM, or email your entries to me (please don't post all your details on the forum unless you have to, I don't want anybody to take somebody else's ideas or say someone ripped them off).
AIM: MegalomaniaPip

Thanks for entering!

End of the month so that means new donation wallpaper and search strings. The wallpaper goes with the last arc but I couldnít put it up last month because it would have been spoilerish. Just a good natured revenge fantasy. As long as youíre on the winning team that is.
And for the search string, amidst the many humorous ones (some I donít want to write lest I attract that kind of audience over Google), ďenvy laundry lustĒ takes the cake for its sheer oddness.

And just to round things out, a new page of Bound: