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S5- Baxter Durden

What kind of wannabe hero wouldn’t give a crack at having super strength? Even if Envy wasn’t trying hard to punch him, Bax did manage to knock Envy out cold so we know he has at least a little pepper behind those punches.

Don’t forget that the Vice contest ends this Wednesday, so get those straggling entries in soon!

Is there much interest in doing another Sins playing card order? I’d have to get them in soon if you guys want them for the holidays (Sins = best stocking stuffer ever), so send me an IM, email, or PM if you’re interested, please.

Meh the vote! For all our Statesian Slapeggs out there, it’s that time of the election cycle again where you begrudgingly shuffle off to the polls, vote for the person that doesn’t care a lick about you, and take part in a wholly flawed and more than occasionally corrupt system. But you should still take part! Because… hrmm. Some of those referendums matter… and you don’t really have a right to gripe about the system unless you took place in it. Oh, and you get one of those “I voted” stickers. Free stickers are always good, right?
Of course, your vote ALWAYS counts when you click the TWC button and vote for Sins.

Posted by Pip


Sins is 200 pages old!
...So what kind of present did you get us?