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Posted by Pip

S7- Beats Kent's

Now to me, thatís a costume. No cape, no tights, just eye protection, a weapon, and some comfortable clothing. Iíd probably be the only superhero in sneakers out there.
Iíd like to touch on Baxís point of ďgoing to the cityĒ for two reasons. First, this arc was originally going to take place in the future so the world could be a bit bigger and provide more room for superheroism. I nixed that idea because making you keep track of three time periods would be a bit overwhelming. Plus it would spoil all the Sins that would be swapped out. If somebody didnít appear with Bax, you know it would leave at some point in the middle timeline. Secondly, you kind of need a city to be a decent hero. Imagine Spider-Man in Smallville. Not really much to climb or swing on, so it pretty much negates all of Spideyís powers. Plus, you know, not many good super villains want to steal bales of hay or a crop of corn. Do you know who I am? You must not know who I am. Iím the Cow Tipper, bitch.
Itís November 10th so that means itís the Turnip Lantern Festival, but more importantly, itís my mumís birthday. Give her a hand for contributing to the comic and to me with half those genes I have (hopefully the good ones, not all those faulty ones).