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S16- Babysinner

Anger could chaperone too. He’d probably keep you out of trouble. Or maul and tentacle up anybody that messed with you. Both viable options.
Poor poor pirates. Especially the nice guy that sucked up to Lust.

New month and oh so much excitement. Drawing towards the end of the year, presenty holidays for all to bask in, snow, ice, it’s Rosa Parks day, and new wallpapers for all to enjoy. We did really well on the TWC voting this month. Thanks to everybody that helped out and keep it up! The wallpaper this month is the one featuring the finalist Vice entries from the contest. A black and white 800X600 version is available to all that request it, but the colored version in different sizes is still donation only.

Lots of interesting searches that led to the site, many of which I don’t want to paste here for fear of the audience they would attract. The winner, while not funny or bizarre, is “www”. Why is that a winner? Type it into Google and find out why. “www” returns you 25.27 BILLION results and out of all that, somebody stumbled upon our happy little place. Maybe that’s not how it went down, but I can think it went that way and be happy about it.