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Posted by Pip

S20- Legion Of Damn

Hey, at least Bizarro Pettiness here isnít dumb as a post. The man knows when not to pick a fight. And when your opponent is a godly being thatís pissed off at you and youíre missing an arm; thatís a good time to not fight.

Thereís a new page of DDG up, in case you missed it being updated this weekend because you donít constantly check the site in hope and wonder (and if not, shame on you). Thanks to everybody that donated!
The new DDG pages are actually the first things I scanned on my brand spanking new scanner. My other one crapped out, so I had to trudge down to Best Buy and shell out some cash. And of course it was Saturday so it was an hourís worth of traffic to drive down there (itís only like 10-15 miles away but people are incompetent) and then the parking lot and building were crowded as all get out. Do your shopping online like the rest of normal humanity and leave the stores empty for people that just need to grab life and workís essentials, foolish shoppers!

And finally, check out our shiny new subdomain:
Friend of Sins and me personally, Taralynn is going to be posting some of her writings and drawings on the subdomain, so drop in and check her stuff out. Light on content for now, but I can attest that she has other projects in the works. Weíll get a link or banner or something up for her some time soon.