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Posted by Pip

A22- There’s An “I” in “Sin” Though

Anger and Envy, they just go together like cookies and milk, carrots and tomato sauce, or chocolate milk and Dr Pepper.
I like the name “Rio”. I think I’ve used it in other comics, but it has such a good ring to it.

Just look at all that site content! Archives waiting to get dusty! Forums waiting to be chatted upon! Galleries waiting for fan art and pretentious art reviews! Commissions waiting to be commissioned! Ad space waiting to be sold! Links waiting for those seeking sanctuary! A Sins tab… okay, that one isn’t fully functional just yet. Thanks again to Dave for his help!

I haven’t even been able to post the new link on Drunk Duck and I already have readers from twelve known countries and even a few unknowns. Spooky…

Being a big fan of The Wrong Trousers, I went to see Curse of the Wererabbit this weekend. Very funny movie and really work watching just for the animation and the backgrounds. The backgrounds were unbelievable. They were so well done and so detailed that they immediately draw you in. The only parts of the movie I didn’t like were the ending and Hutch, I can’t really explain either of those without spoiling quite a bit, and the way the rabbits looked. Their noses were so… I don’t know. Piggish or downright weird.