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Posted by Pip

S27- And In This Corner

At least Lust learns quickly and doesn’t get hit by the same flying little kid twice. Bax on the other hand needs a bit of a better strategy. Of course being slammed into the side of a building probably won’t make him think of a better plan anytime soon.

Yes, we did update on Monday. So if anybody thought we were slacking for the holidays, for shame!

Posted by Pip

Gifty Pic

And while we're speaking of holiday updates, check out the gift several wonderful forum goers bestowed upon me.
Thanks for your work guys!'s_gift.swf
Doran's notes:
From the left:
Doran by Foxknight
Spathic by herself
Foxknight by himself
Pip, Ackin and Luprand by Luprand
Cabbage and Vulture by Vulture

Title art:
Sloth and Pride by Foxknight
Lust, Anger, Greed and Pip by Bubbilicious
Envy and Gluttony by Vulture

In addition to these, Donovan Mikal photoshopped Vulture's pics and various others offered opinions and feedback in the thread.