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Posted by Pip

S29- No Relation To Daft Punk

What a way to end a year! Massive confusion to chase that raging New Yearís hangover many people will have this morning. We have some hive-minded Legion-y Sins golems ruled over by our favorite demon lady. And she gets to stay all pretty because she wasnít beat in with a mallet. Always a plus in my book.

Well, itís the end of another year. Personal jetpacks are one notch so delightfully closer. Itís been a rather good year for us too. Our first full year up and running, bonus comics and pictures abound, and readership has grown 266%. I expect that number will exponentially rise. Exponentially, I say!

And of course, itís the end of a month, so thereís the usual goodness. Our donation wallpaper this month is a peaceful winter scene with the Sins. Yes they can be peaceful too.

And my favorite search strong of the month was another tricky one. More veeery funny ones that I donít think I want to post on the front page. Some great humor in how the words ranked, but it involves a forum memberís name and Iím not sure how keen he would be with it. I think Iím going to have to go with ďseptopuss home moviesĒ just because video-films rock.

And of course, a Happy Birthday to friend of Sins, friend of Pip, and comic artist that is taking far far too long to get his comic online, PDay!

Posted by Pip

Wrong Link

Ooops, pasted the wrong thing. Here's the real link to the wallpaper preview: