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S34- Baxman Begins And Ends

Greed once again displays his medical knowledge he revealed during his days with Rhett. If you’re going to steal all that junk, you probably have more than a few makeshift scalpels and bandages handy.
I like Lust’s lines at the end. You can imagine some worried parent having her kid dragged home by demons and he’s now missing an arm, has been running around beating on people and playing hero, and the woman he’s with is wearing spandex-y tights and spiked heels. Something more casual or modest may be what the “Sorry I tore off your son’s arm” conversation call for.
The mysteries of the Legion Sins will have to take a back seat as we start up a new arc on Monday.

And again, we have some fan art! Kranna takes the ladies of Sins to strange, new places. Strange, strange places… Thanks, Kranna!
I’ll post it in the morning. My FTP program is occupied with other site matters at the moment. Sorry for the delay.

Posted by Pip

Kranna's Picture 1-12-07

Here's the picture!