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A24- Possession Is 9/10ths Of The Law

Oh Lust and your reservations or “morals”. Have some fun and go ruin some random people’s lives!
This was another chapter ender page. So while initial readers were faced with questions to be answered (the least of which is as to why Aska has purple shooting off of her) and they had to wait a month for the next pages, you only have to wait a day, you lucky readers, you.
I like the line, “I own you!” So cutely evil.

Ah sweet, sweet pity. At work today I had some free time and I was reading. Looking down at a book with glasses on usually means you have to push them up every once in a while. Upon doing so, my glasses snapped in half along the nose bridge. I barely touched them and they just… broke. So either I’m a heck of a lot stronger than I realize or my glasses were complete garbage. Seriously, they’re barely a year old. So I grabbed some tape and tried my damndest to get the frames to where I could wear them to drive to the eyeglasses store (and yes, my bosses and coworkers were kind enough to mock me in only a friendly matter about how much of a dork I looked like). The place I went to has a buy one get one free deal and that’s where the remotely saving grace to this story comes in. The eye exam was free and I picked out two frames I thought were half decent (and didn’t cost and arm and a leg). The lady (I think she was one of the owners of the place or something) looks at one pair and said that the frames weren’t shaped well for the lenses I needed and she went back and got a new pair. I glance at the price tag and it’s $240. I point that out, she shrugs, and tells me they can be my free pair. Glee! Why on earth anyone would pay $240 for those frames I don’t know. I have them on now with temporary frames and they’re nice but nothing special. No lasers or cameras hidden in them to drive up the cost. They are a neat silver color, but how much could gray paint cost? Anywho, the sales pitch starts to sound like a used car and she starts laying on all the “extras”. Scratch warranty, anti-reflective coating, etc, etc. I put up a mild resistance (having your glasses snap for no reason puts you in a “the universe hates me” kind of mood), she smiles again and gives me a few of them for free, and I wind up paying $20 for about $100 of services. My response to this (aside from thanking her profusely throughout the process), “The sight of a man slumped over with tape on his glasses makes you feel bad, right?” She gives me a sad smile, “I feel like I have to do something for you.” So there you have it. I am so pathetic and sad that I got over $300 worth of stuff for free, solely out of pity! I suck! And people like me for it.